Tril, The World's Softest Summer Throw and Why You Need It?

Everybody wants to sleep comfortably and a good sleep will make your summer days and nights more fun. But with the current materials, is it ever possible? We all must have had many hot sweaty summer nights when the regular throws, bed sheets or the linen just got us to sweat more and made sleeping impossible.

What is disturbing is that those nights might increase. Searching for “record high temperatures” on the Internet, reveals increasing temperatures all around the world.

But there is hope with the help of a crossover product; something much lighter, much softer, cooler (breathable) and relaxing. Tril Summer Throw is a Patent pending innovation.


Tril is Inspired by Our Comfy Dressing Habits

Tril is Inspired by Our Comfy Dressing Habits

Just as we usually wear razor blade shirts, jackets, ironed pants for official meetings in order to look sharp; and for most of us these are uncomfortable; when we are back home, we put on cotton knitted t-shirts and shorts; well in that sense, Tril, brings the comfort of “knits” on to your bed, as your new summer throw. Tril is the new summer throw (piqué or pike).

What is Special With Tril?

Aero-pores shortly, a true-breathable texture. As long as our body temperature is balanced with the ambient temperature (recirculation), we perspire less. Tril has an accordion-like, Rib knit structure and the porous patterns named “Aero-pores” establish a thermal balance. Through Aero-pores, Tril has ventilation; an air permeable, moisture-absorbing structure that prevents us from getting exhausted with our own heat, thus enables an uninterrupted sleep.


Further Advantages of Tril as a cosmetic and medical product.

The soft skin-friendly texture of Tril is much relaxing when used with the “Tril Pillow Case” because it does not cause irritation.  Most woven materials are harsh and made of high twist, stiff yarns.  This product is as much a medical product as it is cosmetic because “sleep disorder” is also a serious cause of the uncomfortable sleeping materials we currently have.


Why regular throws, bed sheets etc. are not "high quality sleeping" products?

Weaving yarns are stiff due to high twisting and waxing in order for the yarn to resist the exhausting weaving process. Therefore; the fabric is harsh and uncomfortable.

  • The densely woven material is in no way breathable.
  • They suppress the body temperature and cause sweat; the nonabsorbent texture often repels sweat causing sleep disruptions. Many men and boys whose body temperature is high, wake up soaked under these materials.
  • Printed material on bleached fabrics make them even heavier and non-breathable.
  • They cause irritation on the soft skin of women and children and are not skin-friendly.


Next Summer; when you sleep with Tril, you will no longer wish to use any other material.

We have customers who do not travel without their Trils and customers who use multiple layers of Trils until it gets very cold to sleep with it. We call them “Trillers”.

Apart from satisfied households; one of the most prominent holiday resorts in Turkey, that had the only priviledge to test Tril inhouse, have booked already for the next summer season.

A Tril Sleep Is Healthy and Environmentally Friendly.

The fine fabric absorbing moisture is relaxing and preventing perspiration to transfer onto the bed is hygienic. It is better and cheaper to use Tril instead of the A/C which initiates many health and environment related problems. Tril has passed all required textile quality tests.*