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Types Of Tril

How many types of trils are available and which one is for me?

Three types; according to their lightness. The Seasonal and the Standard are made of cotton, and the Super Fine, is made of bamboo.

  • Seasonal Tril is ideal for those who rather use thicker materials even in hot weather. It is a complementary product for the holiday villages, resorts and hotels who opt for the best only.
  • Standard Tril is recommended for those who prefer to use lighter material; a decorative item with select colors and an essential personal item.
  • Super Fine Tril is made of bamboo, the natural anti-bacterial fibre. Light as feather and luxurious. An elite choice for interior design, enriched with cotton lace for a boutique look.

    Useful Tip: We recommend single size Tril because during sleep, extending arms and legs from any directions, in order to find cool parts of the bed is relaxing. Double size throws cause heat transfer between spouses, which may increase perspiration.

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