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The Rib knit (accordion like) fabric structure with the aero-porous design enables body heat to be transfered outside the fabric while the low twist yarn absorbs excess humidity.
Perspiration is the cooling mechanism of our body. During summer; as long as our body heat circulates and gets balanced with the outside temperature, we sweat less.

Tril is an environmentally friendly product because it reduces the need for Air Conditioning (A/C) and provides a healthier sleep. It is an A/C killer product for women whose body temperature is mostly lower than men and for men Tril is the cool way of sleeping by low tuning the A/C instead of using maximum cold degrees.

Remembering the 2013 State of the Union speech of President Obama and the statistics he gave about the 12 highest temperatures recorded in the world are from within the last 15 years, Tril may be a step in reducing the polluting gasses and/or the waste of electricity from our appliances. Why not try and see for yourself if this basic idea works for you or anyone in the family?

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